Shirts n More

Shirts n More

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T-Shirts! A lot of lootcrap stuff. All shirts are small uni/mens.

Have not worn, have not washed, so...give em a wash. Some have been rolled up as tightly as possible to fit in a box so they're wrinkly. Again, wash.

Psychonauts Goggles Beanie

Hand of Vivic - from Bethesda site. Unopened, didn't like the foil/shimmer. Print on front.

Uncle Vlad's Wall Chicken - Delicious. Blue, print on front.

Altered Beast - Grey. Print on front.

Spider Man - Blue, print on back

Soul Caliber - White. Print on front. Cool, I don't wear white tho.

Call of Duty WWII - Black. Print on front. Bad photo, the print is clear.

D&D Dragon - Red. Print on front. Also cool but I don't D&D and I don't want to invite a conversation in public where my response is "Iunno"

Tomb Raider - Grey. Print on front.

Diablo - Black. Print on Front

God of War - Print on Front, logo on right arm

Halo Lot - Oh boy here we go: Noble Sunglasses + case, Noble snapback, UNSC towel, UNSC scarf, UNSC snapback, Emile bandana, UNSC duffle bag (very thin, but...). Shirts: Property of UNSC, Jorge, Morior Invictus, UNSC soldiers silhouette, Mark of Shame