Pre-Order - Large Arcus - Spring Forward

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Large Arcus will see stock on Etsy officially by July. Discounted price is only for pre-orders, and the final price will be closer to $100

Photo with the can is the model during finishing but not completed, its finalized finish is similarly smooth to the small and regular Arcus. In the process of molding as I type this which accounts for a couple missing measurements.

Color options  We're saying goodbye to Spring with Spring Forward. Pretty limited, but such is life.

Firmnesses available on this model: super soft (OO30), soft (OO50), and medium (~8A)

Some things to keep in mind:
-Colors are mixed by eye and will vary in result from one pour to the next
-I am one chronically ill person. I hope to have these shipped out within a month to two of ordering, but I simply cannot provide you an exact time frame


For the epic Halloween team up with 8 other shops, this demon makes an appearance and permanent spot in my shop.
Arcus features a narrow tip which then expands down the shaft before a drop off, leading to a straighter, narrower stem. The drop off may allow some users to 'lock' Arcus into place. Arcus' glans is adorned with big, slightly asymmetrical bumps for gentle stimulation to go with a stretch, and the stem has horizontal ridges on its topside and gentle wrinkles on the underside which more sensitive folks may feel more.
Its base has plates up top and a number of pleasant wrinkles leading into a pretty tight set of balls.
As it is hand finished, there are some surface inconsistencies. These are cosmetic and not a flaw in the mold.

Approximate Dimensions Inches Centimeters
Total Length 8.25 21
Useable Length 7.5 19
Circumference at tip 4.5 11.5
Circumference at drop off 8 20.5
Circumference of stem 6.5 16.5
Narrowest Circumference (Pre-Bump Glans) 4.5 11.5
Largest Circumference (Swell) 8 20.5
Base Diameters 3.25x5 8.2x12.6


All items are hand-cast in platinum cure silicone so some variation may be present.

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