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The non Beanie Babies may need a Febreeze or tumble in the dryer in a pillowcase. The Beanies definitely do, especially the McDonalds ones.

Hoopa Unbound - The thread holding his right arm...mass...was torn when I got him so patched him up with a lil thread in the closest color I could grab. Pokemon Center, 16" tall.

Jumbo Snorlax - Good ol Ronflex. Pokemon Center, 19" tall. No idea how I'm gonna ship...oh I'll just throw the box at an employee and run away making weird noises. That works.

Squishable Mini Panda - May need some fluffing, has never been out of its super confined bag

Squishable Mini Walrus - Has briefly been pulled out to wear a hat and look like the most famous Walrus: Jamie Hyneman

Squishable Mini Flame Fox - Fiery

Squishable Mini Sphinx - Ridiculously cute

Squishable Mini Snowman - It's a marshmallow world in the winter

Squishable Mini Ittybitty Monster - Actually I kinda want to keep this one but...if you like him he is yours.

Plush Guar - Not that cuddly, but will transport saltrice and netch hides if you're trying to make a buck in Morrowind.

Beanie Boos - Can't get the price tags off the hang tags which is like...oldschool Beanie Babies sacrilege. So don't know their names but they're in inverse order to the photograph in the drop-down

Beanie Babies - Same as above, also a bunch of minis from McDonalds. Who's a millennial? it's me. Ton of variations on these. Plastic is aged, opened Claude the Crab and uh. They smell like cigs. Beanie Babies go through the dryer pretty well for what that's worth.