Large Somnhas - REM Dream Experimental

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Somnhas is being offered in limited quantities at its base price on a selection of model specific colors. Color work here is a bit experimental so the right portions for consistent colors and gradients are still being hammered out - this is to say 'results may vary.' So far REM pours seem to overwhelmingly have an asymmetrical gradient, but we'll see what some tinkering does.

This listing is for REM colors in the large size.

REM pours are a strange new thing, featuring a signature wiggle as they gradate right on down through a select couple of tones.

Colors are pictured above and are from left to right:
Sweet Dreams - Light blue at the tip, sort of a sapphire blue in the middle, and reaching into a deep indigo at the base
Dream Glutton - A marvelous red at the tip, chocolate brown in the middle, and blackish at the base
Lucid - Juicy! Starting with an orange, leading into a yellow, and then into an olive green.

Firmnesses available are:
Super Soft (0030), Soft (0050), and Medium (~8a).
I can't mix this much 10a at a time.


An ambiguously formed, friendly dream demon, Somnhas was conjured as a protector from nightmares and a bringer of pleasant dreams in whatever form you find most ideal.
Somnhas has a tapered head for ease of entry, texture up front and a small stretch near the base. Plates start off large on a wide triangular cross section and decrease in size as the shaft narrows and rounds. Pinpoint bumps tease on the top of the shaft and nearer the base as the kite cross section provides a slight stretch. The base has bumps to grind on or use to identify the orientation of the toy.

Approximate Dimensions Inches Centimeters
Total Length 7.75 19.7
Useable Length 7 17.7
Circumference Top Glans Bumps 5.25 13.3
Circumference Big Ridge 6.25 15.8
Circumference Lowest U Bump 6.375 16.2
Narrowest Circumference (Pre-Bump Glans) 4.5 11.4
Largest Circumference (Swell Before Base) 7 17.7
Diameters Glans Bumps 1.875 4.7
Diameters Big Ridge 2.125 x 1.875 5.3 x 4.7
Diameters Lowest U Bump 2 x 2.25 5 x 5.7
Base Diameters 3.625 x 3.75 9.2 x 9.5


All items are hand-cast in platinum cure silicone so some variation may be present.

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