Halloween Grab-Bags 2019

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Squishy Grab-Bags! Of an Autumn and Halloween theme! More Halloween...

Here you will find a little baggie full of all sorts of goodies and squishes (at weights). No creepy squishies this year, however stickers may have a spider.

Many of the goodies are new this year, featuring things like foam squishies, zombie-men, slimes and slimes parading as 'putties'. Some goodies I liked enough to pick up again.

The candies have arrived and have been listed at the bottom along with allergen info.

More pictures coming, need to make more squishies. May also pick up more candy because more candy is more better.

Bags come in different sizes:
-$10 bags have approximately a handful of squishies, some goodies, and some candies.
-$20 bags have a skull and small squishies, both more and larger goodies, and all the candies. The skull will come in a fabric bag and proper removal is tricky: press out from the bottom though.
-$30 bags will contain a skull, a blend of large and small squishies, the biggest goodies I've got, all of the candy, and something unique in a candy corn egg or skull/eyeball/pumpkin fabric bag.

All Halloween bags are in paper bags this year. Although most of the goodies kind of nullify this following statement: plastic's bad for the environment.

Squishies come in all firmnesses, random colors, and may have air bubbles or little imperfections.

My stress relievers are designed as such, and are not intended for nor recommended for sexual use.  I take no responsibility for misuse of the product in this fashion.


---------Critter Care---------

My critters and squishes are made of the same platinum silicone as the rest of my work, thus pass the same skin safety tests and are ideal for prolonged handling/squishing.  Please be careful with contact between the critters and unknown rubber substances that leave your skin itchy or tacky, as well as certain veneer finishes, as either has a chance of causing degradation of the silicone. Squishies may leave silicone oil spots on porous paper based items.

Please wash with warm water and gentle soap upon receipt to remove any mold release.  General grime can be washed off with soap and warm water, or critters can be cleaned in the dishwasher, or disinfected in a pot of boiling water (take care to keep the critters off the edges of the pot).  If critters are often kept in wet areas and show any signs of mold you can soak them in a bleach solution for up to two days to remove this from the surface - follow general bleaching instructions and do not leave them in for longer as long term tests have shown color bleaching.

Remember to give your critters a squish for your health and theirs.


---------Allergen Info---------

Candy this year is from a selection of things, including:
Taffy from https://www.taffyshop.com/, of which the nutrition information can be found here (regular, none of the taffy I have is sugar free)
Puchao Bubbly Sodas, nutrition info is on the bottom of the page here.
Various Warheads, you can check the nutrition info on a few of the options by clicking on whichever you receive, provided it is listed there. I am noticing the big disks are not.
Oozing Eyeballs, marshmallow outsides and fruity goo inside. Having trouble finding the nutrition info. (contains gelatin, manufactured in a facility that also manufactures products with wheat and fish)
Gummy Mummies (contains gelatin)