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MissMonster Owl Mask - I hate to let this go, I had such great plans for it. But that's the thing, the plans never finalized, it never happened. So here it is, blank as the day I bought it, still with urethane in places where you'd wanna go ahead and carve that down. Maybe wash it, it looks like it's picked up some "I stored it with all sorts of other things" gunk.

Devil Tail - Pretty sure this company was defunct prior to me buying this secondhand on eBay. Never got used, never really had a costume for it. Latex with foam filler, and a wire so you can pose it how you want. Has a belt for wearing.

Goat Mask - From a 2017 run, from Spirit Halloween. I think it was a team-up with Tate Steinsiek. While nice, it's too big for my lil head. Latex with firm foam inside so it keeps its shape