Collectibles - Loot Game Stuffs

Collectibles - Loot Game Stuffs

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Halo Icons - Yep, this listing is Lootcrate. Get all 9 of these: Champion, Jorge-052, Carter-A259, Jun-A266, Kat-B320, Johnson W/ Guilty Spark (who deserves nothing more than being an armrest, let's be real, fuck Guilty Spark), Truth, Flood Infected Marine (he creeps me right out, please take him). See additional picture for forgotten Emile-A239

Halo Pins - 10 pins as a set: Assault Rifle is open and without backing, Shootgun, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Ghost, Mongoose, Pelican, Golden Scorpion. See additional picture for forgotten golden Banshee

Halo Junk - Set of 4 Cookie Cutters (unused), Jorge dog-tag, "I Love Tanks(Scorpions?)" mug, and talking Grunt keychain (batteries will be included but removed for USPS reasons). See additional picture for forgotten Salt and Pepper Shakers and Flask.

Bioshock Junk - Big Daddy, Bioshock Socks (Biosocks?), blank Bioshock key

Dark Souls - Pins and card wallet

Metal Gear - Foxhound glass (2).

Assassin's Creed Playing Cards

Far Cry 5 - Hope County bag thing (Far Cry 5 on unpictured side)

Cuphead Air Freshener - New Car Scent

The Last of Us Mug - Want a mug no one can see the entirety of the text of at once?

Diablo Heat Reactive Mug - Not sure what changes on this, but...find out for me?

Loot Gaming "Collectible" Pin Pack - Given they're going out of business it really collectible? does it make it more collectible? Anyway, 6 of these, the Rupee, Apocalypse, Blade, Teamwork, crest, and a foodthing with a turkey that I forgot to put into the picture. You'll get it tho.

Metal Sonic figure and Pin (2) - I'm not gonna open these to look at them.

Banjo Kazooie display plate.

Rage 2 "Goon X-ing" tin sign.

Silent Hill Coasters - set of 3 for reasons I will never understand.

D&D, Demons & Devils playing cards - bottom of the box is a little ripped, not sure how I did that. Sorry.

Wolfenstein Dog Whistle(?)

Halo Noble Mug - Soup sized