Collectibles - Blind Boxes

Collectibles - Blind Boxes

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Digimon Blind Box Plush Minis - Gabumon, Gatomon, Piyomon. Come in their foil but obviously they've been opened. In a set.

Futurama Blind Box Kidrobot Vinyls - Leela, Zapp, and Mom. Accessories included and unopened. In a set.

Best of Bethesda Blind Box - Elder Scrolls and Dishonered
---Set of Elder Scrolls includes Dovahkiin, Breton, Nord (1 each)
---Individuals are Dovahkiin (3), Breton (2), and Emily (3)

TrollHunters Blind Box - Individuals of AAARRRGGHH!!! (2), Bular (2), Kanjigar (1)

Nuka Cola - Sold individually. You can pry my other Quantum out of my COLD DEAD HANDS. Nuka Cola Regular (2) and Nuka Cola Quantum (1)

Pusheen Blind Vinyl - A cool cat

Pusheen Blind plush - Fluffy unicorn!