General Policies

  • Buyer assumes responsibility for safely using products created with intention of insertion. I (DamnAverage/Sheep) am not responsible for injury caused by misuse/misjudging of toys nor use of stress relievers for insertion, or other unintended purposes.
  • Buyer agrees that they are of age (18 or 21+), and that they have read and accepted the listing and policies in full. DamnAverage does not provide to minors.
  • DamnAverage is a one person operation. Life will occasionally impede on work. Please remember that I am a person, fallible, chronically ill, and doing my best to make you happy.
  • No tolerance for abuse: I am entitled at my discretion to refuse service and/or contact to anyone who is abusive to me OR other shops. This includes tell me or other shop owners to 'fuck off'/referring to me with insults, filing chargebacks/PayPal disputes, slandering/libeling/defamation of my or other shops' character or work, or any attempt to find a 'grey' area or skirt the lines of the above may fall under the no tolerance policy. If you're curious a majority of this was written due to one particularly rotten experience. Don't be that person.


  •  All items are shipped via USPS, and are packaged in plain brown or white Uline brand boxes, with tissue paper and air pockets/bubblewrap/recycled paper to fill out any box space.
  • Return address is hand-written and is a pseudonym and PO Box. Packaging is discreet. Nothing that screams "sex toy" on the box, no company name.
  • Customs forms for out-of-country packages list the contents as an art/sculpture.
  • Shipping for in-stock items falls generally within 3 weeks for US shipments, possibly longer for international. I ship in batches. Made-to-order items generally take 1-2 months.
  • International customers are responsible for being aware of their countries shipping laws and any possible customs fees. You will not receive a refund on shipping if your package is returned to me due to your refusal to pay customs as set by your country.

Refunds / Cancellations / Exchanges

  • Due to the personal nature of these items, I cannot offer returns/exchanges.Shipping overage refunds are given on combined orders or overestimation of shipping cost and will be given following shipment drop off.
  • If the package is refused, returned to sender, customs fees ignored, or other similar unnamed processes are gone through, shipping cost is forfeited and will not be returned.
  • Refunds are not offered on packages marked "delivered." Please contact your local post office first if an item has been marked as "delivered" but you did not receive it. 9/10 times it will be marked on accident and then delivered within the next couple days.
  • Filing a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute will disallow a user from future purchases. See no tolerance for abuse in general policies.