Are you open for custom orders?

Made to order toys are only available on listings where it is explicitly mentioned. Custom design work is unavailable: I am constantly working on many designs and am infamously slow at bringing them to completion, thus I am uncomfortable taking on additional design work.


Is there a list for all DamnAverage adult toys?

You can find an incomplete catalogue over here: http://damnaverage.tumblr.com/catalogue
note that I will be reformatting the catalogue to exist on this site at some point as tumblr is inaccessible to those without accounts.


Why don't you sell critters on Etsy anymore?

The short of it is that "random, mystery, and surprise" items are disallowed as they cannot "accurately" be represented in photos (I was explicitly told this includes colors). The rest of what I have to say about this is bitter, so I won't put it here.


Do you sell items wholesale?

I do not have the capacity to do this currently, although I would very much like to in the future. Keep me in mind?


How do I use the (x)?

Jokingly asked about many of my critters! They are stress relievers and are obviously not intended to go into any orifice of your body.


I'm buying this as a gift, can you write a note in my order?

My handwriting is not great, but I can throw in a simple Happy Birthday or something of the sort if required, or print a small message. Please do not ask me to write anything sexual or kink based: I do not consent to take part in your relationship and/or D/s activity (regardless of the labels you use).


Do you ship discreetly?

Yes! All items are shipped in a plain white or brown box (I am switching over to the white boxes as their folding style is better for reusing, and they are sturdier). The label has a pseudonym and PO Box for a return address. It looks like a package from a friend, but if you need to disguise anything from prying roommates I highly recommend picking up critters or grab bags with your order.


What are the differences in First Class and Priority International?

You can find the full information on USPS' website, https://www.usps.com/international/mail-shipping-services.htm however the short of it is that First Class is cheaper, takes longer, and you will receive a customs number but NOT a tracking number.


How should I take care of squishies or adult toys?

-Wash after use, allow to air dry or pat dry, do not put away wet.
-Boil toys/critters for 10 minutes, do not let them touch the side of the pot as the heat may be high enough to damage them.
-For a more industrial clean, use a bleach solution (follow instructions on bleach). This kills mold if, for example, you leave snails in your shower for extended periods. Do NOT boil and bleach simultaneously.
-Store upright if possible, silicone will retain impressions or folds (some impressions lessen via rubbing). Can be stored next to other platinum silicone, but recommended you store all items in individual bags. Do not store with other materials (please don't buy jelly or pvc anyway as they are bad for your health).


Can you teach me to make toys?

Sorry, no. It isn't anything personal, but a matter of my time needing to be spent with my work and my security. There are a myriad of free tutorials available from the amazing professionals at Smooth-On and I highly recommend checking them out for any of your molding and casting questions.


What are your firmnesses and how would you describe them?

My available firmnesses are:
0030 - comparable to fresh gummy candy although bouncier
0050 - comparable to slightly stale gummy candy although bouncier
~8a - firmer than gummy things, softer than erect tissue and very bendy
10a - comparable squeeze to erect tissue but much bendier

For how these compare to some other company's firmnesses a chart can be found here.

"Bouncy" in this context refers both to how fast the silicone reverts to its original shape and how it literally bounces (or bounces things off of it, as I have...been a victim of rabid silicone flinging things). It does not refer to the inherent softness of material. By its nature silicone is bouncy, however certain softness or gel forms of silicone rise/reform into their original shape slower (this is referred to in the field as "deadened," and is comparatively more flesh-like). Neither my toys nor critters are deadened.