DamnAverage was established in early 2011 with a personal intention of filling a niche that was sorely lacking at the time: fantasy based and abstract toys focused almost exclusively on the folks looking for "average" sizes, cast in high quality platinum cure silicone. This was followed immediately by an enormous push with silicone critters and squishies, which are now wildly popular among consumers and you can find a delightfully vast selection among indie companies. For 2013 DamnAverage was revamped to appeal to a wider audience with more sizes and organic designs that flow with the body for comfort and pleasure, extraordinary exploration of color fusions, and focus on quality and model adjustment to feedback. In 2015 it became my career option, and in 2017 I opened a self named domain and began a move from Etsy.


I go by Sheep (pronouns: she/her). I'm responsible for sculpting and casting all of my toys and critters...and every other aspect of business really. I'm riddled with chronic depression and anxiety but am a powerhouse and try to kick these things' asses when possible. My color choices are born of extensive and ongoing color studies, and my finely tuned marbles have developed over the years. I put a lot of thought and consideration into my work and I am proud of its ability to make others happy, as well as creating such a positive impact on my life.


Since pushing a stronger focus on the demonic theme I started with, I have begun including and merchandising personal interpretations of the monsters some of my toys belong to. However, I encourage you to see the toys in ways that they appeal to you best.


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