Squishy Grab-Bags

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Squishy Grab-Bags!

Here you will find a little baggie with squishies filled by weight - squishies are safe for work, friends, young folks, anyone who does not want a dingle, pretty much.  These bags will have some out of season squishies on a general basis, but it's Halloween all the time anyway!  

Bags come in different weights:
-$5 bags are the smallest and hold only a couple goodies,
-$10 bags have approximately a handful,
-$20 bags have a blend of large and small,
-$30 bags will contain a blend of large and a ton of small goodies, or occasionally defunct items that are sold individually in the stress reliever section (monkeys, sheep, hearts, snails, devil heads etc).

Bags are at the moment in plastic, but in the future will be organza since it's just...it's just better.

Squishies come in all firmnesses, random colors, and may have air bubbles or little imperfections.

My stress relievers are designed as such, and are not intended for nor recommended for sexual use.  I take no responsibility for misuse of the product in this fashion.


---------Critter Care---------

My critters and squishes are made of the same platinum silicone as the rest of my work, thus pass the same skin safety tests and are ideal for prolonged handling/squishing.  Please be careful with contact between the critters and unknown rubber substances that leave your skin itchy or tacky, as well as certain veneer finishes, as either has a chance of causing degradation of the silicone.

Critters are given a once over with a personal wipe before packing.  Please wash with warm water and gentle soap upon receipt to remove any additional mold release, cleanser, or soap residue.  General grime can be washed off with soap and warm water, or critters can be cleaned in the dishwasher, or disinfected in a pot of boiling water (take care to keep the critters off the edges of the pot).  If critters are often kept in wet areas and show any signs of mold you can soak them in a bleach solution for up to two days to remove this from the surface - follow general bleaching instructions and do not leave them in for longer as long term tests have shown color bleaching.

Remember to give your critters a squish for your health and theirs.