Lumpy - Snow Covered

Lumpy - Snow Covered

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Color options start with the 'snow' type, and then your choice of other tone from the drop down menu. Snow type comes in a more basic shimmer or sparkle type. Sparkle has a better transition and looks like sunlit snow.
Finish with the other colors pictured above. As a note, shimmer and sparkle green are fairly similar in tone, I feel the photo represents sparkle green more accurately.

Display picture is sparkle snow with leftovers and is not wholly indicative of any particular color scheme.

Firmnesses available on this model: super soft (OO30), soft (OO50), medium (~8A), hard (10A)

Some things to keep in mind:
-Colors are mixed by eye and will vary in result from one pour to the next
-Gradient location and smoothness will vary in each pour and be different across each model.
-I am one chronically ill person. I hope to have these shipped out within a month to two of ordering, but I simply cannot provide you an exact time frame


Originally designed in 2012 and released 2013 as Lumpy F'er ("Lumpy Little Fucker, the Devil") - a toy that offered stimulation through ridges and shapes and a gradual increase in girth toward the base - Lumpy is back with some small, but important changes.

Starting with a small rounded tip, Lumpy's smooth shaft will easily slide into place and provide a small amount of pressure with the coronal ridge of its spade. Following this are gentle but pronounced waves that lead onto a larger oval bulge and thick stem at the base. The gradual increase of girth will allow for a small stretch but the shapes will keep the thinner areas of the shaft interesting upon removal.
The base has a smaller footprint, but is more stable and has a matte texture to aid in grip. There is a little point on it that may add stimulation for grinding, depending on your anatomy.

There are some uneven textures across the surface as I am still working out the finish. Small pocks on the underside and textural differences are due to this and are not bubbles nor a casting flaw.

Approximate Dimensions:
Total Length: 6.25" / 15.9cm
Useable Length: 5.5" / 14cm
Circumference of head: 4" / 10cm
Circumference of first ridge: 4.25" / 10.3cm
Circumference of bulge: 5.25" / 13.3cm
Circumference nearest base: 5" / 12.7cm
Base diameters: 2x2.5" / 5x6.3cm

As each toy is hand cast in platinum cure silicone and my molds are also hand made, there may be some slight variances in measurements.