Large Galeged - Snow Covered

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Color options start with the 'snow' type, and then your choice of other tones from the drop-down menu. Snow type comes in a more basic shimmer or sparkle type. Sparkle has a better transition and looks like sunlit snow.
Finish with the other colors pictured above. As a note, the snow and lower amount of pigment for gradation purposes will cause the 'covered' color to be a little more pastel.

Firmnesses available on this model: super soft (0030), soft (0050), and medium (~8A)

Some things to keep in mind:
-Colors are mixed by eye and will vary in result from one pour to the next
-Gradient location and smoothness will vary in each pour and be different across each model.
-I am one chronically ill person. I hope to have early orders shipped before February and later orders shipped before March, but I simply cannot provide you an exact time frame.


Galeged is a bringer of storms, arriving in fashion in Summer alongside some alarming weather. Granted, the model will stay regardless of the weather, but an appropriate intro is always nice.
Galeged features a tapered head and shape overall, with a somewhat raised glans, texture in the form of gentle ridges and scales on the top and bottom, and a thrustrable knot. Its width is greater front to back. The base has large scales, showing off the somewhat draconic nature of this particular elemental.

As it is hand finished, there are some surface inconsistencies. These are cosmetic and not a flaw in the mold. Notable inconsistencies are some horizontal lines on the upper shaft and some subtle 'crackling' in the finish around the knot.

Approximate Dimensions Inches  Centimeters
Total Length 9 22.8
Useable Length 7.5 10.1
Circumference of glans 5.875 14.8
Circumference of knot 7.5 19
Circumference of stem 6.25 15.8
Narrowest Circumference (Shaft under head) 5.625 14.3
Largest Circumference (Upper knot) 7.5 19
Largest Diameter 2.5 6.4
Base Diameters 4.25x3 10.4x7.6


All items are hand-cast in platinum cure silicone so some variation may be present.

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