Belphad - Septober

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It's that time again! Autumn is my favorite and this year I'm offering some new Halloween tones. For stock keep an eye on the Etsy!

Colors available are:
Catseye - Matte black and a retro glowing green.
Damned - Matte black, dark shimmery red, and dark silver.
Off the Bone - Deep shimmery red and a bone off-white. Tasty
Hallow Night - Glowing white with blue shimmer, an intense shimmery violet, and black.


Firmnesses available on this model: super soft (OO30) and soft (OO50)

Some things to keep in mind:
-Super Soft will end up with feathery, blended, and often imbalanced marbles.
-Marbles are impacted by the size of the mold, the larger the toy the less tight the marble.
-Three tone marbles tend to have imbalanced colors - for example, Hallow Night will tend toward a mostly black, purple, or shimmery side.
--All three above points can compound. (Belphad is a model that they will)
-Items are made to order so final results will not match example photos
-I am one chronically ill person. I hope to have these shipped out within a month of ordering, but I simply cannot provide you an exact time frame


A battering ram of a devil, Belphad is long overdue.  The cylindrical shaft offers plenty of girth and length to fill, offset by a round tipped, gently nubbed head, folded back foreskin, a trio of oval bumps along the top and six smooth circular hemispheres on the sides. The shaft skin is matte, wrinkled, and pleasant to the touch.  Belphad has a sculpted circular barbell at the base of the shaft, and generous bump covered balls separated by a web of wrinkle.
Belphad is designed after an original character of mine from 2010.

Approximate Dimensions:
Total Length: 10" / 25.5cm
Useable: 9" / 23cm
Diameter of glans: 2.25" / 5.8cm
Circumference of glans: 7" / 17.8cm
Diameter of thickest part of shaft: 2.375x2.5" / 6x6.3cm
Circumference of thickest part of shaft: 7.5" / 19cm
Circumference of thinnest part of shaft: 7" / 17.8cm
Base footprint: 3.125x4" / 8x10.1cm

As each toy is hand-cast in platinum cure silicone, some variation in sizing may be present.

This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER toy.

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