Garage Sale

I'm two seconds shy of selling my organs because my medical bills are getting out of control. So introducing: ye olde Garbage Sale, the Yard Sard.

So uhhh. Some stuff! for sale. Keep in mind that I live with a smoker and the more porous items (paper, stuffed anything) most definitely smell like cigs. I can't tell you how bad it is: I'm nose-blind to it.

Why not put this on ebay?
-Seller fees and expectations of free shipping amount to me losing money and I am doing this because I need to take the edge off the bills. And clear some space.

I want to bargain a price
-If you're bundling stuff shoot me a line.

Good lord is that lootcrate crap?
-Yeah, sorry.

Have you considered selling plasma?
-Yes. The veins in my left arm are not good enough for donation (need a good vein in both arms), unfortunately.

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