Why the Zodiac Ball Critter was Delayed

I suspect no one reads these, so I feel a bit safer spilling my guts aimlessly here right now.

Of course the Lunar New Year has come and gone. As you may have noticed, or not, because no one pays any attention to my ongoing themes, the ball critters have been explicitly released for the purpose of celebration of the New Year and honoring both the animal and element of the particular year.

This year is the year of the dog, and earth element. I struggled greatly in picking a breed and doing something unique with it.

Last year we lost one of the family dogs to progressive cancer. Today we lost the other to intestinal cancer. Because my house is fucking full of cancer. I've lost loved ones every fucking year starting in 2014. I'm so tired and empty.

I'd worked on a German Shepherd, then pulled the details off the sculpture and made a Lab. Opposite in order, but the two dogs mentioned above. So I am sitting here with this clay Lab and I am feeling bitter. I don't know if I can manage to pull off a ball-dog this year.