Very Soon: Stock Stuff and Last Call

Stock will be up over the next day on Etsy. Not much to say there, aside from my decision to call it "Stuff Pt1." - Stuff Pt1 is now uploaded

Last Call for MM stuff will start Monday and will be a pitiful amount of things which is: 1 available for each model, specialty options of 3, 4, and Painterly marbles will be 'restocked,' and then one more slot for a Transitional (disappointing from a customer standpoint, I understand, but again it's a matter of not pushing myself too far - if you're new here I'm one person, and I am perpetually ill).

Shipping delay into this next week as I am out of my most frequently used bags and need to get some more.
Shipping might be the end of the week, or possibly next week instead. Some MM things will be headed out then also.