Things and a Half

Some business first, a segue into health ramblings, and an actual ton of health rambling.

Discount Chocolate Day is more like "a week" this year. Made-to-order options with last year's colors only, and availability on all models regardless of their queue. Why? I'm taking a sabbatical from made-to-order listings. Whether or not this is transient or permanent is something time will tell. I am too far behind on made-to-order options, with one Troll from Marbled March from last year still waiting to turn out problem-free. My worst year on record, in fact. Not a single made-to-order frog has gone out, and I am still sitting on some Pride Snails. It's not pretty and I think I've very reasonably lost some support over it, so I am switching back to a heavy focus on just stock for the time being. The last hurrah, as it were, will be DCD. The listings are being worked on now and should be up some time at a weird hour Friday morning.

That does mean that Marbled March this year will be different, and stock-focused. Similarly, whatever my plans were for the "AO" section on the site here have been placed on hold.

Discussion of this has come up extensively with one of my health providers, and we have worked through it enough for me to come to the conclusion that this is best for me mentally, stress-wise, and ultimately is best for you as a customer. I have not done a good job at my job and it's simply unacceptable.

And now for the actual ton of health rambling.

I've spent the past year and a half (or so?) with a myriad of health issues, getting on antidepressants and an anxiety med (benzos are terrifying, just...saying), popliteal cyst, way more blood tests than a person should reasonably need, all of the vaccines, most recently a strained abdominal muscle and my thyroid has stopped doing what it's supposed to do (I suppose it's been headed that way for a while). I had a mattress where I was laying on a coil which was wildly uncomfortable so swapped that out for the Other mattress I had which had some bad vibes to it...and that then tried to kill me - and may very well be responsible for the strain and general lack of healing from it. I'm tired. I'm just so damn tired.

But getting on levothyroxine had some immediate good effects and it smells like yogurt, so I can't really complain there. The idea of being on synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of my life isn't even that daunting - after hearing forever and ever about how I should "get my thyroid checked" for my essential tremors I figured it'd happen one day. And, no, the essential tremors are not a part of my thyroid giving up the ghost. Synthetic thyroid medication is some of the least likely to cause any weird effects - you're probably more likely to murder your liver with Tylenol - and I feel pretty safe in the hands of my health providers, so that is a plus.

And now I have a new mattress. We'll see how that goes but so far I'm digging it. It's a Purple. This is not an advertisement for it, the fucking thing weighs 100lbs and I hurt from moving it, but it had some of the features I really needed and it feels like it's hugging me. If you're my weight (130lbs) or less it might not be a good fit for you because its squares don't compress all that much, but at the same time like...head over to your nearest mattress store and lay on it and tell me it isn't a weird but really cool sensation. I cannot afford the mattress at all - payment plans help - but it's an investment for my insomniac ass so...we'll see. That's how it is with all my health things right now: we'll see. I'm fuckin 28, who signed me up for this? please get a refund.

Here's hoping to a better year, friends.