The Marbled March Info Post

It’s time for Marbled March again!  The original marble themed sale of March, it maintains most of its features from the last two years, with some minor differences and the major "it's now on my site and not Etsy" thing.

——-What is Marbled March 2018?——-

One difference from last year: you can choose your colors on 2 color marbles or opt for the semi-custom path where you let me know one color and I'll work out another for you. I like dynamic, tight marbling but am open to suggestion for less contrast, loose marbles, or cowprint “mottles”. Generally I opt for a light and dark, for example, and if you want eye-searingly bright tones instead I will be happy to work with that! Just let me know.

There will be limited options for specialty marble types (ie: 3-4 colors, "Painterly," "Transitional Marbles") that will be available as separate listings to add into your order (mostly can't work out variations so...sorry). 2 color marbles and "Dealer's Choice" will be the base cost of the toy, just need to let me know in the note during checkout which you're looking for. Descriptions of the marbles are found on their respective listings, and since Dealer's Choice doesn't have one, here it is,
Dealer's Choice: Hand me a theme or inspiration (photo or written, whatever) and I will do something with it. These toys will still feature marbles heavily but may also have other work done to them, it’s just that the say in that comes down to me.

——-What else happens this year?——-

I'm starting out with super limited amounts of everything. I shot myself in the foot last year and the last items didn't get out for six months - do not order MM if you're not willing to wait a long time. If an item has been sold out it will be relisted when its current orders have been finished and not a moment sooner. I cannot give an estimate on when the queue will be through.

On shipping, I will be making trips when possible.  Please keep in mind that custom orders do take a bit of time and I am quite prone to recasting based on my perfectionism.  Although this year has so far been better than the last two, my life is more or less an unending series of crises and they tend to start here, this may cause delays.

I may combine MM orders with other things, however due to the time frame inconsistencies I can’t guarantee that I will.

——-Some things to keep in mind:——-

-Firmnesses are: super soft (0030), soft (0050), medium (approx 8A), and hard (10A)
-Super Soft has a tendency to blend during pouring, the marbles will overwhelmingly NOT be very tight or crisp. I will certainly try, but expect more of a soft/feathered edge on any super soft toys.
-Metallic and glow pigments affect the weight of the silicone, so may also cause issue with colors blending
-Marbled March is only for marbles, I am not offering other color options at this time.
-I will be uploading various pre-mades (leftovers and pours that do not meet my criteria) on Etsy throughout the month when the new week sets go up.
-For questions please ask me: email me at damnaveragesheep(at) or on Etsy.
-If an item is not in stock when you check, it is sold out and will not be getting relisted until I work through its queue.
-Again, Marbled March is prone to lasting for months. I am not the fastest, and I am a perfectionist. Pours usually get done multiple times before I am satisfied with them. If you are unwilling to wait a long time, MM is not for you.