The Last Few Weeks

CW: self harm mention, nothing in detail.

Been an interesting few weeks here. I've actually lost track of some of the time. The short of it is that I never actually 'normalized' after the last post. Started losing some days to depression, and then the entirety of last week, wherein I took up self harming again. That's a problem! Looking back I realize that the medication has been losing its effect for a while and I just overlooked it until I couldn't. Made some appointments immediately upon that realization, have a plan going forward: higher dose of antidepressant and weekly psychologist visits. Increasing the doseage of the meds already (in steps, doubling it right off the bat is going to send me for a heck of a loop) and I notice an effect right away, so I am very much hoping to get back on track asap.

I am going to focus on packing and shipping first since I have an awful lot ready to go out that I just have not been able to tackle. With New Medical Nonsense in the works I am also going to push a sale live on stock. Just clear up some space and get my bills covered.

Then there are a good handful of 0030 pours to knock out, so that is next on the list in addition to getting more caught up with the Pride Snails, of which the list has narrowed at least.

Forgive my absence, and stay well out there, folks.