Stuff Part 6 - the Important Edition

Stuff Pt6:
More stock on Etsy. Should be the second to last "Stuff" series here, then we move on with...summer? It's summer. Happy Solstice!

I'm out of my 6s, somehow. I sent some of the last shipment out in larger boxes but I don't want to use that many air pockets. Should have more before the end of the week, but in general shipping will be early next week.

MM/Critter Progress:
Down to the last couple pieces with MM. As mentioned on the critter/squishy page I'm a bit behind on that influx of orders since I do not keep a large stock of them anymore. I appreciate you all from wherever you came and I am sorry for my delays.

The Important Edition:
Due to increasing costs of life and business, prices will be going up at the end of the month. It's not on every model, but just assume so. Some will be minor, some more significant to bring them in line.

I don't remember if pictures actually show up on individual blog posts but the one for this is the butt end of a some ace(demi) and pan colors.