Somnhas in Something Else & Stock

Trying something else for Somnhas here!

So now available in limited quantities at base price, you can buy all three sizes of Somnhas in your preferred firmness (more on that in a moment) in one of three REM style pours or splits.

Firmnesses available for all models are super soft, soft, and medium. If you would like small or regular sized Somnhas in hard I may be able to do that for you - just leave a note in checkout - but I will be staying away from casting the large in hard for my own tendon health.

So what's a REM style pour? I'm still not sure how to describe this, but the best shot at it I have is: it's a wiggly gradient! There are some really beautiful shapes present in these pours and they're visually exciting. But they're new (although they remind me of something old, like a rock) and I'm still working on them, so before I offer Somnhas in them permanently, I am offering Somnhas in them and in split versions of the colors experimentally at base price. Results may vary as I work out some consistency in color and style and with the exception of Lucid as a split, there are no color substitutions.

Call upon Somnhas for Sweet Dreams, or to devour your nightmares with Dream Glutton, or perhaps walk into the realm of Lucid dreams, and you'll probably get a good answer.

Not sure the timeline on these yet but I am wanting to have everything done before the end of September.

There's also a stock upload over on Etsy!