Another night, another dream. But not they're not the dreams of you, instead I run away from nightmares, and tonight is the night that I've had enough.

Welcome Somnhas. Less devious than first appearances may suggest, Somnhas will gladly devour nightmares and provide sweet dreams instead. And a pretty decent amount of texture. If you're into that.

Somnhas comes in three sizes for now (may be more in the far future depending on a few factors, but no plans for the near future). All listings at the moment just have the three of them next to a can but I will separate them out with better can comparisons next week, when another thing with Somnhas will happen on the site - the clue is in the teasers. For now there will be stock on Etsy.

---------Somnhas listing blurb--------

An ambiguously formed, friendly dream demon, Somnhas was conjured as a protector from nightmares and a bringer of pleasant dreams in whatever form you find most ideal.
Somnhas has a tapered head for ease of entry, texture up front and a small stretch near the base. Plates start off large on a wide triangular cross section and decrease in size as the shaft narrows and rounds. Pinpoint bumps tease on the top of the shaft and nearer the base as the kite cross section provides a slight stretch. The base has bumps to grind on or use to identify the orientation of the toy.


Approximate dimensions vary depending on toy size. The quick and dirty to refer to is:
Small: 5.625" / 14.3cm total length, 4.375" / 11cm circumference at the big ridge
Regular: 7" / 17.8cm total length and 5.375" / 13.6cm circumference at the big ridge
Large: 7.75" / 19.7cm total length and 6.25" / 15.8cm circumference at the big ridge

 Stay well out there.