Something Goes Wrong in March

Rambling first, then working info.
Something Goes Wrong in March: As is custom. Actually this year it's not so bad, I've had a March that's comparably better. I expressed myself in a way this month I have been putting off for 8 years and it turned out well. That's vague, sorry, but it's very important to me.

What has gone wrong is the resurgence of my Baker's Cyst. I damaged my knee five or six years ago and this thing regularly reoccurs - I always chalked it up to a Ligament Thing but while poring over knee anatomy and poking at it as it flared up last week worse than it had previously, I felt the cyst as this massive, fluid filled thing. I stand while casting which exacerbates it, so I've been resting my knee for a week and I hate it passionately. But the rest was doctor recommended, so I guess...I had to. Depending on its progress I may also find myself at the referred PT place. We'll see. Time to move it again though, which brings me to the next bits:

Marbled March is coming to a close. I will be reopening listings at a quantity of 2 per mold for a last hurrah this weekend, and then I will return to generally hiding while I focus on work.

There's still a great amount of stock up at Etsy and I will keep the markdown cadence in old stock and marble discount going through April. Happy April Fools, where I historically do the opposite of pranks!

Stay well out there.