Snow Covered Cyber Monday

Thanks for the blizzard, Nature, very good timing.

Snow Covered is debuting today on 11 models (the ones I tested it on) at the 25% off sale price of BFCM.

Quantities will be limited and I will mark items 'sold out' when they hit that limit.

Snow Covered features one of two snowy whites that gradate loosely into one of ten colors.

On the left is the "Sparkle" snow - this looks a bit like fresh snow with the sun shining on it. Nice and sparkly. On the right is the "Shimmer" snow, a much finer pearl white that doesn't have the larger sparkly bits

And these are the secondary colors. Couple factors kept me from giving them all appropriate names, after all what the hell is "snow covered pink," even? We'll blame the meds.

The sale will end when I wake up on Tuesday on any models that haven't hit the limit, and after a brief few days will be available again at their regular price.

Snow Covered's overall effects will vary from one model to the next - examples are in each listing - and colors are not pre-mixed so may also vary a bit. I will do my best to keep consistency.

If nothing here catches your eye just yet, have a look at my Etsy where stock will still be discounted through this Cyber Monday.

Be safe and well out there!