Snow Covered - 2019-20

Catching up on shipping - with only a handful of items remaining from previous seasonal offerings to cast, the bulk of you can expect shipping notifications very soon.

But I have put the next seasonal thing off for a couple weeks longer than intended:

Snow Covered returns!

As with last year, Snow Covered features one of two snowy whites that gradate loosely into one of ten colors:

To the left is the "Sparkle" snow, and the right is the "Shimmer" snow. Sparkle appears like fresh snow sparkling in the sunlight, whereas Shimmer is a finer pearl white without the sparkle.

This year features some returning colors and some new ones:


For comparison, the snows are both returning, as well as:
Sparkle Green = Fir
Turquoise = Orchid
Vervain = Vervain
Raspberry = Winterberry

Golden Bell, Silver Bell, Spruce, Poppy, Rose, and Cosmos are all new and chosen specifically to attain a particular aesthetic in winter decor that I like a lot.

Snow Covered's overall effects will vary from one model to the next - I will work on adding examples to the listings that lack them - and colors are not pre-mixed so may also vary a bit. I will do my best to keep consistency. As always, there is a pastel effect added to the secondary color between the snow covering it and the more translucent effects.

Stay well out there, and warm out there if you're anywhere near me latitude-wise.