Septober 2019

September has been here and...well, I'm behind, we are! Apparently this is fine as I have been unable to find the giant bags of candy because all stores still have B2S up instead of their Halloween. A travesty, truly, I want to fill my life with Halloween immediately.

Available on the site here will be made-to-order options in four Halloween colors, grab bags, the skulls are returning...all sorts of good stuff.

Stock will go up on Etsy of leftover pours, things that didn't work, test pours, and an amount of Punkin Patch, Hybrid, and Queensland Blue. More on that below.

Let's hit on the colors first here (and yes, this is a new model, U5.5)

First off is Hallow Night, a returning color from years past, thought up by the lovely person who knocked out the inspiration for the next and new color. Hallow Night is a three color marble of black, glowing white with blue shimmer, and a bluish violet.

Next is Damned, a three color marble of a deep shimmery red, silver, and matte black. Think of it as an upgrade to Blackened Blood, which, obviously, is not available. We touched on some lovely decor to come up with this one.

Third is Catseye, a marble of a matte black and a glowing green. Pretty straight forward.

And last is Off the Bone, returning again because I love it. It is a deep shimmery blood red and off-white bone color.

Punkin Patch and Hybrid have had waning interest in years past, so I will just be posting them as stock. Queensland Blue was featured as a stock option last year as well, so it will be returning as that.

Septober will start with only a few models available, and more will open up as we go along and I finish more of my backlog and ease up the workload. The backlog consists of a couple MM orders, a couple Summer Storm orders, two handfuls of Pride Snails, and more handfuls than I have hands of for Frogs. I don't want to overload myself with the models in queue.

I have mentioned in other places that things have not been great lately. Namely my medical problems led to an increase in bills that...I'm honestly having problems with. If you're curious to check out the garbage sale I have set up here or send some cashbucks on Ko-Fi (for silly doodles), please feel free, otherwise just enjoy the Halloween nonsense!

Stay well out there, lovely folks.