September is here again so I get to roll out options on my favorite colors!

On the site here will be made to order toys in the firmness of your choice and selection from one of the five Autumn/Halloween colors I've custom mixed.

I will be putting stock up on Etsy of leftover pours, things that didn't work, all the pours I made in 0030 and...I think 8a? for preview purposes, etc.

So first, addressing the colors! I have not been well for a while and it has majorly thrown me off my schedule for compiling an actually appropriate image to showcase my colors. Surprise, right? This is a taste of them in 0030 though (which emphasizes the loose, feathery nature of the pours that come with it, please read listing details under "Some things to keep in mind" for more info)

As you may or may not be able to tell, the colors are actually slightly different this year, with the exception of Punkin Patch (keep in mind its results will still vary from one pour to the next as each of the colors are mixed for the pour) they all utilize new shimmer pigments that are, well, better. For comparison purposes here are older references for these colors:

For the most part, the shimmer colors are bolder. The red is deeper, sparklier, my orange doesn't have any freckle problems, and the violet is super intense and a bit warmer by itself but will still be backed in blue to cool it down. The only color I can't say has any noticeable difference is the shimmery black.

I have also reworked my bone-white for Off the Bone, and as mentioned above, Punkin Patch is custom mixed for each pour - if enough orders are placed I can probably swing making a larger batch of the colors (majority of my colors are not straight from the jar).

Also need to address this first week of September: have some family stuff going on so my schedule is going to be completely out of whack. Not sure what impact this will ultimately have but I am hoping for a productive week on the back-end if nothing else. This may impact shipping also (which I am hoping to get about caught up on when I actually wake up here).

Listings for this event will be manually adjusted to out of stock when a limit has been reached so that I do not end up falling behind. Updates will be on the Septober page, in the News here, twitter, and addressed in tumblr update posts.

I am not certain on the availability of Halloween grab bags yet, usually I have them prepared by now but...sick, behind, etc. We will see.

Think that's everything. Will be working to get better examples of colors up for hopefully each model here so there will likely be some visual changes throughout the week. Stay well out there of course!