Ongoing Covid-Related Things

Mere minutes ago - or what seems it - Gov Pritzker announced what we expected him to: the Stay-at-Home order for IL has been extended through April 30th (here is a local report).

I have stated previously that I live with a person who is elderly and immunocompromised. This has, obviously, not changed, so my decision to self-quarantine has not either. If I leave the house at all after cabin fever takes what little mental reserve I have left from me, it will be sparingly. I expect not to, however.

I have looked into carrier pickup for my residence and it is something I can do. Testing of this will start with a small batch of packages and we will see how that goes. There are times the deliverer of our mail will simply avoid exiting their truck to deliver packages or mail, dropping a "we missed you" slip in the mailbox instead, so I have concerns, but we shall see.

I am literally unable to give you an eta for shipping at this time.

Work on my end continues. An order of 0030 will be on its way shortly, and I am picking at small things with what little amounts of silicone I have left otherwise for the moment.

Also a note out of frustration: I have seen underhanded remarks about the extents that folks are taking to secure themselves and loved ones. If you feel the need to think that in our situation - and personally, given my family member, and when Chicago is a Covid hotspot to the extent that they sent this out this morning and another just now as I'm typing this:

- then I would encourage you to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the kind of person you should be. The underestimation of the danger of the area in which I live is infuriating. If at any point you find yourself wanting to say "but it isn't that bad" or drop some degree of sarcasm in my direction, just stop, drop, and roll back into the gaseous bog from whence you came.

The rest of you, stay safe, stay well.