Discount Chocolate Day - 2019

Discount Chocolate Day will, to some extent, run as usual this year:

60 stock toys in chocolate colors/themes are going up on Etsy, followed shortly by the sale of 15% off applicable listings. You will have to give a few minutes for the upload to complete and sale itself to go live, as it seems that both now take some time.

Some changes this year feature Made-to-Order listings, one per model, in any of the colors I've cast this year. I've selected exclusively colors I've used in years past and hyper-focused on them instead of experimenting with splits, drips, and whatever else this year. Like this!

Another change is the time this sale goes live. I am no longer awake at my typical midnight posting time and I'm not going to lose sleep to make an exception. That being said, you get more time: the listings will go up and sale will start around 2pm CST on Thursday, February 14th. Any MtO listings still up will be taken down when I get up Saturday, Feb 16th, and the sale will end on any stock.

Snow Covered listings will close just prior to DCD going live. Will get to finishing those up in the coming weeks here, work on chocolate things, and hopefully be ready for Marbled March.