Devilishly Sexy October - Work and Life Stuff

Work first.

I have been behind on shipping since June - it has been like a boat filling up with water, wherein I will make progress getting rid of some of it only for more to come in again. I am, at this moment, in the least water-logged state of the boat since this started.

My focus is scattered, and I am spread entirely too thin with everything that is going on both work- and life-wise. It occurred to me the night before last while I was surrounded by animals and unable to sleep due to their presence that it would be wise to temporarily mark my critters out of stock to help lighten the work-load. I cannot have so many things on backorder because of them, so starting on Monday, the non-seasonal critters will be marked out-of-stock. I do not have an ETA of when they will be available again.

Septober will run until October ends - progress has been consistent with these orders up until this past week as it has been the busiest I have had in a decade and I have not been around so much. Will be returning to the usual so can make some more progress. Looking at the firmnesses on current Septober orders, progress will be made on critters with some 00-50 as well.

Ideally getting through the back-log will be finished by November 15th and I can begin to list Snow-Covered options.

Galeged's large and XL sizes are nearing completion. This ended up on a delay due to a number of personal issues cropping up, but their availability is in sight.

Life stuff.

Having been more or less out of the house for the entire week was mentally and emotionally exhausting - but at the same time it's one of the most satisfying weeks I've had in recent memory. I can now say I've had two of these weeks this year and...well, I like that. I have spent so long being bitter and depressed and anxious and this whole year has been an upheavel of past behaviors and it is nothing short of marvelous. I would like to say: I am sorry about past behavior, being argumentative, caustic, just not the best I could be at the time. Instead of paying lip service to it and making no changes I wanted to make changes first, then address it. No point in speaking without action.

Anyway I picked up this Get Out of Hell Free card on Monday at a very excellent gathering full of devilishly awesome people. Might have to hold onto this one :)

Medical bills are ongoing, the biggest thing right now is weekly visits that cost a considerable amount. As always I am not interested in money for nothing, so all orders of stock, Septober stuff, Garage Sale nonsense, or Ko-Fis for doodles will  help me out a lot and you get something for it.

Stay well out there.