Covid 19

This is similar at a glance to my text post on twitter, but things have happened in a day, so it is updated.


Covid 19 and IL
Spread of Covid 19 within Chicagoland has been considerable - this is a link to The Chicago Tribune with a map that you can mouse over and see confirmed cases per county. I am in Will Co, directly south of Cook (containing Chicago) and DuPage - as an update from the original version of this document, there are confirmed cases in my county. This isn't 'suddenly it's here,' but rather 'it's been here already.' Schools, restaurants/bars/cafes have closed (order available for restaurants). Hours are docked on certain public places. I trust surrounding medical systems, from the more prestigious academic-medical locations in the city to AMITA's dominance of Chicagoland and Rush/Copley's outstanding facilities. We obviously have access to tests, and as the dominating health insurance of the area, Blue Cross is actually taking measures to cover them.


This section is unchanged from the twitter post:
Covid 19 and Me

My grandma - with whom I live - is elderly and immunosuppressed. Avoiding contraction and spread of Covid 19 is of utmost importance.
This brings me to my concern. I went to the store the other day to buy essentials and it was packed. Avoiding being close to people was impossible. In retrospect, this day worries me. Additionally, my friends threw me a birthday party on Saturday. The hosts were adamant about cleanliness and folks staying away if they were at all under the weather, but healthy, youngish individuals may not show signs at all. Most alarmingly, during the party, one guest received news that someone at their work tested positive for Covid 19. While they did not work closely with the positive individual, there is still some degree of shared space. I woke up today with a significant amount of concern about potentially being a carrier because of these two particular incidences and the spread in the area, and what that means for the immediate future.

This bit is new:
I am instigating an almost 'self-quarantine' level of social distancing until things start to look better, for the sake of my family. This will have exceptions for late-night post office visits (when no one is there), and potentially continued psychologist visits if their office stays open (I admittedly am expecting some off-time).
An update to this purple part, as things have worsened I will not be leaving the home until stay-at-home lifts.


Covid 19 and Work
I do have continued concerns about shipping, as stated previously: looking at the time-frame from contact with me to your reception of an item is long enough to have an insignificant risk. I stand by that not being an absence of risk, however, and I encourage you to toss the packaging (it will exchange a few hands before arriving to you), and wash your items and hands immediately. You should be washing all of your new toys regardless - there could be mold release, dusty stuff, soap that you could react to, really anything on it. Always wash your stuff.

Surprisingly, bills have not eased up overnight and I am still existing on a shoe-string budget for several months. Requested refunds can be processed on a delayed schedule - with the time taken to get you a refund I encourage simply waiting for the item instead.

I have some small amounts of silicone coming my way to do some more casting with, but with as tight things are it is not going to be a significant amount. That being said the...return...of some Demon from, oh, 2016, will have a very stunted start here. I am excited to bring it back regardless, the new version looks fantastic.


Beyond Covid
Wash your hands. Stay safe. Check-in on people at risk via call or text.