Chocolate Colors - General Update

Chocolate Event

Chocolate colors now available on the site here on my larger offerings (Chubbs and up) until February 14th. Chocolate tones are your choice: leave inspirational foodstuffs or past DCD colors in the note during checkout. I'll round up some old examples here too.

Chocolate Event orders are projected to ship by March.

DCD (Discount Chocolate Day) will still happen as a stock drop on Feb 15th.


General Update

Only a couple pieces left on Goodnight Sale and Winter Friends events. You should be getting a shipping notice in the next week, or early next week. So mostly on track there (to my second update, mid-January just wasn't going to work with how cold it was).

I have opened the blog on my site to reflect the same updates and announcements I am posting on tumblr. Those without tumblr accounts have been unable to view my blog for a while, so I felt it best to have all information available in a more public way.

Be well out there.