To state that this year has been nothing less than transformative would be a lie. Getting a handle on some feelings, changing where I work, starting the steps to become the person I've wished I was for a to spend time with family I don't see as frequently, a myriad of family emergencies's been a year to date. And it's been a wild couple weeks that I won't get into the fine details of but the short of it is Dad's in the hospital and we need to make some significant changes.

I've not really been sleeping the past couple weeks because of stressors, so am, yeah, behind on pretty much everything. Same effect as my usual "things have come up" ordeals, different details.

At the end of the month Lumpy/Knight and the Aliens will be unavailable. They will be back before the end of the year, although...we'll say the latter will look different, and yet not different given its history.

Beyond that I am going to phase out a number of old models. I would rather have less models at a higher quality than continue to churn out the older ones with finishes and details I am not proud of.

There are other options coming to Somnhas and Galeged soon as well, but I won't excite you with those details yet.

I'd also do some adjusting to the website but truthfully it's going to be slow rolling unless I can find a friend to handle some of the fine details, as website editing is not my forte.

Not sure there's much else to ramble on about right now. Stay well out there, please.