This is nonsense

With something of mild importance at this time. Changes to the lineup are in progress on my end. Prices will be increasing soon.

You may have come here from tumblr. Hi, hello.

Models Presently Available
-Above Average Alien (RR Oct2016)
-Average Alien V3 (RR Feb2015)
-Belphad (Oct2016)
-Chubbs V3 (Oct2015)
-Devil's Mustang (Jun2015)
-Drop (Mar2015)
-Jackal (?)
-Jav (RR Jun2016)
-Knight (Oct2016)
-Krampus (Dec2016)
-KrampusKitzler "Kitzler" (Dec2016)
-Lumpy (Nov2015)
-Mini Jav (Oct2016)
-Rattler (Oct2016)
-Reef (Jul2015)
-Rudolph (RR Dec2015)
-Small Cephalopod
-Taf (Jan2016)
-Tentacle (Feb2015)
-Thinstang (RR Oct2016)
-Troll (Nov2014)

Models Missing in Action
-Drop (V2)
-MiniChubbs (V2)

Models No Longer Available (this nonsense is for me)
-Above Average Alien (V1 w/o base, V1 w/ base)
-Average Alien (V1, V2)
-Bawls/Bottle "peps" D2017
-Chubbs (V1, V2)
-Cucumber D2017
-Devil's Mustang (V1)
-Devil's Tongue (short)
-Devil's Tongue (long)
-Drop (V1)
-Jav (V1)
-Lil Devil Fist
-Lumpy Lil Fucker, the Devil (V1)
-MiniChubbs (V1)
-Mini Way
-Mr Frill
-Mr Way
-Mr Wiggles (the thumb)
-Orc (Ball-less) D2017
-Pocket Penis D2017

-Rattler (V1)
-Satyr ("Mr Satyr")
-Tiny Tentacle